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TG804 Airsoft Gun Bags with 2 Compartments

TG804B Black

TG804B Black

TG804B (Rear View)

TG804B (Rear View)


  • Very nice Airsoft gun bag
  • Made of durable polyester with PVC coating
  • Double compartments designed for keeping your rifle and pistols separate, or separating weapon from accessories
  • Material:
  • Weight: 25 bag 2.02 lbs/pcs (0.91 kg/pcs)                                                                                                         36 bag 2.57 lbs/pcs (1.16 kg/pcs)

Packing Information:

  • 12 pcs/case
  • 25 bag: 24.2 lbs/case (11.0 kg/case)
  • 36 bag: 30.8 lbs/case (14.0 kg/case)
  • Dimensions: 25 bag 27x13x23 (in), 68x33x58 (cm)                                                                                                   36 bag 37x13x23 (in), 95x33x58 (cm)
  • 25 bag: 4.60 CBF/case (0.130 CBM/case)                                                                                          36 bag: 6.42 CBF/case (0.182 CBM/case)

Models: TG804A-x   TG804B-x    TG804C-x    TG804D-x    TG804G-x    TG804W-x


A: ACU Digital Camouflage               

B: Black                

C: Woodland Camouflage              

D: Desert Camouflage

G: OD Green

W: Woodland Digital Camouflage


Notes: x

         25: 25 inch long

         36: 36 inch long



                   TG804A-25: ACU Digital Camouflage 25" Short Airsoft Gun Bag with 2 Compartments

                   TG804B-36: Black 36" Airsoft Gun Bag with 2 Compartments

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