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TG806 Deluxe Double Airsoft Pistol Cases

TG806B Black

TG806B Black


  • Deluxe Double Airsoft Pistol Case
  • Keep Airsoft guns protected during transport or storage
  • One large external cargo pocket big enough to hold a couple bags of BBs or other gear
  • Two internal padded pouches can fit medium and most large frame Airsoft guns or hold accessories
  • Six magazine pouches for keeping all those spares
  • Thick padding, Reinforced thread, Stitching and Edging
  • 14" X 10"
  • Material:
  • Weight: xx lbs/pcs (xx kg/pcs)

Packing Information:

  • xx pcs/case
  • xx lbs/case (xx kg/case)
  • Dimensions:  (in),  (cm)
  • xx CBF/case ( xx CBM/case)

Models: TG806A   TG806B    TG806C    TG806D    TG806G    TG806W


A: ACU Digital Camouflage               

B: Black                

C: Woodland Camouflage              

D: Desert Camouflage

G: OD Green

W: Woodland Digital Camouflage

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